MEDICUS MUNDI is a non-profit social cooperative type B was born in Brescia, thanks to some volunteers with specialized technical skills who have dedicated their time to the recovery of health care facilities dismissed from public and private institutions throughout Italy, to allocate them in contexts of the world have none.

The aim is to ensure as many people as possible the inalienable right to health and life. The first years of operation, starting in 1996, represent a commitment and voluntary side, through the Friends of Medicus Mundi equipment, to the management of health cooperation projects of the NGO Medicus Mundi Italy. The legal form of the social cooperative institutional type B passed in 2004, is the desire to grow the organization and the desire to make their own co-operative principles intended as promotion of collective well-being and human dignity through work placement projects aimed at people with serious social problems, otherwise excluded from the labor market. Over the years the small company of volunteers was enriched by the contribution of different professionals in the technical, medical and organizational assets that constitute a real and assumed dimensions that may require a more effective organization. Today the Cooperative Medicus Mundi equipment and the NGO Medicus Mundi Italy collaborate extensively in both areas: to help and to healthcare logistics.